Monday, December 29, 2003

Things fall apart

I had just graduated  and was looking for job when I came by an add on an advertisement website.Newly founded company in the field of game publishing and development was looking for professionals.I have heard before of this "new" mysterious company from some people I knew so I decided to try my luck.The ad itself was very vague,and any info on the company I knew of was by mostly word of  mouth.As an illustrator it seemed like the perfect opportunity in a very competitive industry that basically doesn't want you.

There was an e-mail address given in the add , thehiddenhand@hotmail.com,and the person for contact someone called Frank.So I sent my portfolio,and almost immediately I received a replay from Frank.
Nothing unusual, we will contact you,if we don't, inquiries are not welcomed.The events that took place after that will be the subject of this diary.Sometimes they might sound like the  ramblings of a mad man,and sometimes I may write about my love for cooking,sometimes my stories may seem inconsistent,but that is because I forget so much nowadays.In time the brain distorts the memories,we may remember things differently,their shape,color,but we never forget the feelings tied to a certain event.

My identity is unimportant in the grand scheme,and I don't want any harm to come to the people I knew,or I was somehow involved with in my previous existence. You must realize that my life might end very abruptly, and I'm almost positive that any trace ,including my digital footprints will be forever removed.I want to put it out here only for the sake of it,as my personal journal,but I highly doubt it won't be taken down after a while.I can only reveal that I live on the continent of Europe and I am in my early thirties, English is not my first language so please forgive me for some grammar mistakes.Before everything else I will say that I am a man who has lost everything,not because I am evil,or morally corrupt and I had it coming.I'm,or I was a totally average guy.I've lost everything for the same reason people lose their life in tsunamis or earthquakes,I was in the path of destruction of a great natural  disaster,and that great natural disaster was evil.With time I have accepted my faith,and at times I may sound like a pig happily obliging to become bacon,but I am not at peace with it.I have only come upon the realization that our only constant and most loyal companion is Death,and knowing what I know Death is not evil,and unnatural,it just is.You know how they say that there are things worse than dying?I can attest to that.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Before I begin

Few years ago I was young and poor, struggling with life and bills in a foreign country,firmly believing that some day I will make it.By chance,destiny or simply because I had to take one for humanity I stumbled upon a job add on a now defunct website.Like in every good tragedy, unknowingly I had to take take down few people with me,very dear friends,my only friends in fact,who unfortunately are no longer with us to share their story.
Before I slowly lose my sanity ,before every memory is wiped by the tides of the Deep Space I vow to revenge the departed, and my former self.